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Beattie Pet Hospital - East Hamilton

Limited Day & Medical Boarding

Limited Day Boarding & Medical Boarding are available at Beattie Pet Hospital – East Hamilton upon request.

Full Service Boarding (Brantford Only)

Day and Night Boarding is provided at Beattie Pet Hospital – Brantford!

At our Brantford pet hospital, we offer various accommodations depending on the size and comfort of your pet. We provide a pet boarding facility that includes monitoring and video surveillance, as well as access to a veterinarian. Our facility is fully heated and air conditioned, and we have an outdoor fenced-in area for walks and exercise.

Many pets also stay at our hospital for longer periods of time while their owners travel. Your pet will always be supervised at our Brantford location when you have to be away. We provide clean and healthy accommodations for your pet.

Daycare service provides exercise while owners are at work or away to keep pets healthy and active. Our accommodations for pet owners are designed to provide their pets with a supervised place to play and run, if they are unable to be at home during the day.

Overnight Medical Boarding (Stoney Creek)

Overnight Medical Boarding is available at Beattie Pet Hospital – Stoney Creek (Open 24/7).

Pet Boarding at Our Hospitals

The veterinary staff recommends that you make your reservations well in advance. In addition, for the protection of all of our visitors, we require that your pet’s vaccinations be current and administered by a licensed veterinarian.

We would be happy to update your pet’s vaccinations. For the immunizations to be the most effective, we recommend that they be given at least 10 days prior to kenneling. If you have any questions about the vaccinations that are required for pet boarding, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Dog Boarding and Day Care Policy

  1. All vaccinations must be up to date including Kennel cough vaccination. A proof of vaccinations in the form of a certificate is required for non clients.

  2. If pet requires vet care while staying then a vet consultation and other charges will apply depend on the condition of the pet.

  3. We will provide clean bedding and don’t accept bedding/blankets/toys/raw hides from home.

  4. Client will be charged for the day that their pet arrives and must be picked up before 12 noon the day of pick up. After 12 pm a full day charge will apply.

  5. Boarding price includes twice daily feeding, clean bedding, room and 4-5 walks daily. Owner can request extra walks.

  6. Extras costs are; nail trimming, bathing, extra play time, food charges (if you fail to bring your own) and medication administration.

  7. Owners bringing medication in with their pet MUST bring the medication in the original container with label instructions (to confirm proper dosage).

  8. Pets must be brought with collar, we will admit with our leash.

  9. All owners must arrive ½ hour before their drop off time to do paper work.

  10. Owners are responsible for bringing their own pet food to prevent stomach upsets; otherwise if you forget your food, you will need to purchase a bag from our retail store.

  11. Please settle your bill first since pets may get excited to see you. Also let the employees know that if you have any toys or medications.

  12. If reservations are to be extended/ shortened, please give office a call so that the pet can be accommodated.

*We will no longer be accepting personal belongings when dropping off your pet for their stay with us. This includes beds, blankets, toys, bones or bowls unless for a medical reason (sensitive to metal/plastic/bowl pedestal for large breeds). This will help eliminate any belongings getting lost, damaged, or forgotten. This will also help to prevent any flea outbreaks or possible damage of belongings left in cages. We have plenty of bedding to keep your pet as comfy as can be, and bowls to fit their size needs. We do apologize for any inconvenience but we do want to make your pet’s stay with us as clean and safe as possible. Thank you for your understanding.*